Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any ongoing charges to use Jobster?

You get lifetime license to use Jobster on one (1) one domain for unlimited amount of time. Depending on which license you purchase, you will receive free support and updates for 3/6/12 months.  After this period is over, you will be able to extend it for 6 or 12 months at the price of $200 or $350 respectively.

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Can I upgrade my license at a later time?

Yes, absolutely. You can always upgrade for the difference in price only.

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May I see some examples of websites powered by Jobster?

We actually don’t have permission from too many of our clients to share their website URLs. We are sure you wouldn’t want us sharing your URL with the public should you become our client. Having said that, please contact us and we will provide a few examples.

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Do you offer customization services?

We actually prefer to dedicate all of our energy and resources to further develop and improve Jobster for the benefit of all of our clients. Therefore, for small modification requests (<40 hours), your most cost effective solution would be to hire a freelancer.

However, for customization projects of 40+ hours, we have a dedicated team in place, which deals with customizations only, and will be happy to assist you on first come first serve basis. Our hourly rate for custom development is $30.

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How often do you release updates?

We release an update at least once per month, sometimes more often depending on the importance of the fixes and/or features being released.

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Is full source code included?

Yes, full source code is included.

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Why WordPress? Is it secure enough?

The reason we decided to build Jobster on WordPress framework is because, like no other platform, it enables you to extend functionality of your website in the most cost efficient way by utilizing free and premium plugins. This is especially convenient for individuals with limited technical knowledge (non-programmers).

Regarding security: WordPress can be as secure as any other CMS out there, provided there is a development team continuously working on keeping everything safe and up to date. And, this exactly is our job, and one of the core benefits of teaming up with us. We take care of the technical mambo-jumbo, so you can concentrate on running your business.

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How much does it cost to extend support/updates?

Support and updates services can be extended at the following cost:

a) $200 for additional 6 months
b) $350 for additional 12 months

P.S. We recommend upgrading your license to Entrepreneur before actually extending support and updates, as it will be more cost effective for you. Please contact us to arrange license upgrade or support/updates extensions.

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