Why should you partner up with Jobster

Simply because any other route would be more complicated and expensive for you. We have reduced entry cost into online service marketplace business by as much as 20 times. Not only will you receive state of the art platform to power your business which took us years to perfect, but also a dedicated technical team ready to answer the needs of your growing marketplace.

You will be a part of the bigger team working towards the same goal. Teaming up is the key in building a successful business especially competing with the big boys which have huge staff and financial resources. If you are a team player, hard working and motivated entrepreneur, we invite you to join our team and contribute with the ideas on how we can make the platform better for all of us involved in the Jobster project.

I’m sold, what’s next?

Well, if you have decided on your business/domain name and niche, then it’s perfect time to purchase a Jobster license.

After completing the payment, you will be redirected to fill out the form with the information needed to install and configure the theme on your server. From a technical standpoint your new marketplace will be ready to accept orders within 48 to 72 hours.