WPJobster 5.6.1


Changing tabs when the browser back / forward button is pressed

Each time you browse through the tabs of the user’s account, if you click on the browser navigation buttons (back / forward), the content of the tab will be changed to match the active tab in the URL.

Automatically convert PayPal unsupported currencies

For non-accepted PayPal currencies, we have made some changes to the PayPal gateway and are now automatically converting the amounts, passing security checks.

Redirect to job page when video card image is pressed

When a user clicks on the preview image of the video, it will be redirected to the job page and the video will be played only when the play icon on the top right of the card is pressed.

Show formatted content for blog and news pages

Displays the content of the blog posts as it is formatted in the Dashboard.

Added gross and net earnings to user account table

The earned value will be divided between the gross and the net gain. The gross value will be the price of the job, including custom extra and tips and the net value will be the cleared amount.

Added max upload size value to admin upload options

Display the maximum size set in the server configuration. You are not allowed to set in the field value greater than the displayed value.

Improved ‘list_site_users’ shortcode to display top rated sellers

Display Highest Rated Sellers with [list_site_users] shortcode.
Check https://docs.wpjobster.com/article/131-user-shortcodes

Added admin and user option to display instructions on job page

We have added an option to allow the seller’s instructions to be displayed on the job page.

The option can be enabled from Admin -> General Settings -> Job Settings Tab -> Other Section

If the admin option is enabled, then on the new posting or job editing page, a checkbox will be displayed, to allow sellers to choose whether to display the instructions on the job page or not.

If the admin option is enabled and the seller checks the activation option, then on the job page, the instructions section will be displayed.

The option can also be activated from the admin job page

Added ‘Performance’ section to Admin Customizer

Starting with 561 we added a new section in Customizer, called “Performance”. These options can be enabled to increase theme performance.