WPJobster 5.5.6


Added report system for requests, users and messages

Starting with 556, the reporting system is significantly improved, especially for admin, but also for users.

Enable or disable report target

To enable or disable a report target, go to Admin-> General Settings-> Report Settings.
There you can enable or disable reports for jobs, requests, messages or users.

Report emails

Email for admin
Emails for the user who report something

Report reasons

To add or edit a report reason, go to Admin->Reports->Report Reason

All reports

To view all reports, go to Admin-> Reports.
There you can filter the reports by pending, reason, target or published.

Job/Request report

On the admin job/request page, on the side, you can check whether the current post is reported or not
On the the admin post type page, you can filter the job/request by reported or unreported posts

User report

On the admin users page, you can filter users to only show the reported ones
On the admin user page, you can check if the current user is being reported or not, and if so, by whom

Message report

On the private messages page of admin, if a message is reported, you will be able to see that and who reported the message.

Front report buttons

Report form
Report a job
Report a request
Report a message
Report a user


Improved job report system

Check the information above, from the ‘Features’ section.

Added option to allow HTML code inside emails

To allow HTML code inside emails, you need to set to ‘Yes’ the ‘Allow HTML in emails’ option from Admin->Email Settings->Email Settings TAB.
You can insert the HTML code directly in the ‘Email Content’ field.

Added separated buttons for PayPal withdrawal methods (manual and automatic)

To mark a withdrawal request as completed, you can do this manually, by clicking on the single mark icon or automatically, clicking on the double marking icon for a single order or the “Request processing” button for multiple orders.

Added filter for languages list

To add a new language, which is not in the WordPress dropdown, add the following code to child theme, functions.php file:

add_filter( 'wpj_languages_list_filter', 'my_new_languages', 10, 1 );
function my_new_languages( $language_codes ) {
    $language_codes['mnl'] = __( 'My new language', 'wpjobster-child' );
    return $language_codes;