Seller Notifications

You need to have Account Segregation purchased and installed on your website in order for the Seller Notifications extension to work properly Offer your sellers […]


Discounts extension allows you as the owner of the marketplace to configure promotional discounts (coupons) for end-users (buyers) of your marketplace. ​Extension can be configured so discounts […]

User Ban

User Ban extension gives you an ability to ban users which are violating terms of service of your marketplace, along with keeping violations record. User […]

Account Segregation

Account Segregation extension gives you the ability to separate user registrations, as well as account dashboard, between marketplace buyers and sellers. Available options are: Select […]


The Milestone extension will enable your sellers to split the transaction into several payments, according to the completed phases of the agreed service. This is […]


The Affiliate (Refer a Friend) extension, as the name implies, will enable your users to earn money by referring other users to join and/or make […]


The Invoices extension will enable your buyers to download invoices automatically from within the transaction page.


Booking extension will enable your marketplace users to manage date and time sensitive jobs/appointments. It is a must have extension for any serious marketplace catering […]

Payment Gateways




Mollie helps businesses of all sizes to sell and build more efficiently with a solid but easy-to-use payment solution. With Mollie you can build your […]

INIPayWebStandard by Inicis

APPS Payfast


Pesapal provides a simple, safe and secure way for individuals and businesses to make and accept payments in Africa. Pesapal payments work on the internet […]


As a merchant, it is essential that you accept the methods of payment that your target customers prefer to use. QuickPay enables your system to […]


Sisow offers online payments and complementing services. As an online entrepreneur you get the best and most reliable service to help make the most out […]