WPJobster 5.8.2


Added new button for image upload to private message page and chat message box

Using this option, your users will be able to send and preview images in a gallery without having to download the photo or photos.
The option can be enabled in Admin > Jobster menu > Private Messages> General Settings tab> Attachments section.
There, you will find other options for the image upload system.

The image upload system can be found both in the message page and in the chat message boxes.

Added WhatsApp notifications with Twilio

If you have configured Twilio for messages, starting with 5.8.2, when users will be notified by message, they will also receive notification on WhatsApp.

Added thumbs up system and logo upload for user skills

A new system of seller appreciation and credibility has been introduced. After completing an order, the buyer has the opportunity to vote for one or more skills of the seller, skills that the seller introduces in the tags of the job created and in the skills on the profile page.

The seller can also add the logo for the added ability.


Added option to set the number of unanswered orders until the ‘Unresponsive’ label appears

An option has been added to determine how many orders a seller is allowed not to respond to until the ‘Unresponsive’ label appears.

Moved message attachments settings to admin Private Message settings page

Admin settings for enabling message attachments and maximum file size have been moved from General Settings to Private Message Settings

Updated ACF to 5.9.5 version

Added compatibility for PHP 8


  • Fixed request user display type
  • Fixed user description
  • Fixed user sidebar list
  • Fixed package price type job on page load