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Account Segregation

Account Segregation extension gives you the ability to separate user registrations, as well as account dashboard, between marketplace buyers and sellers.

It is very easy to install and configure, and the process is explained below:

  • Go to your account dashboard (make sure you are logged in with your account credentials)
  • Click on “View Details and Downloads” link
  • Download Account Segregation extension
  • Go to WordPress Admin section of your installation/marketplace
  • In the left WP-Admin menu mouse over “Plugins” and click on “Add New”
  • Click on “Upload” plugin and choose the Account Segregation file you downloaded previously
  • Activate extension/plugin
  • Go to Admin > Jobster > Account Segregation > License tab
  • Type in (or copy/paste) your license in the appropriate field and click “Save” button (please note that Account Segregation license has its own license key which you should download from within your account dashboard)
  • Make sure your license is showing as active
  • Go to Admin > Jobster > Account Segregation > General Settings tab
  • In order to activate account segregation extension on the front end, for the first option “Buyer/seller options on registration form:” choose “show”
  • Second option gives you the ability to specify default user type which the system would assign to each user if not specified during the registration process.
  • Third and fourth option gives you ability to pre-approve selected user types, or approve them manually. The most common configuration is displayed on the screenshot below.
    So, the above illustrated configuration would have the following scenario:
    Account Segregation is activated on the front-end. If not specified during registration, the system would assign a ‘seller’ role to each registered user (with buyer privileges of course). Admin will not have to approve newly registered users.

    If on the other hand you wish to manually approve each buyer/seller application, then on the very same page of the ‘General Settings’ tab pending applications will be listed.

Please keep in mind that sellers always have buying privileges. In another words, each seller is also a buyer. On the other hand, buyers will not have selling privileges unless they have been approved for the same.